Fraser Island Community Weed Replacement Program

In Cooperation with Fraser Island Defenders Organisation, an application for funding was submitted to the Australian Government's Caring for our Country to undertake weed control, bushland rehabilitation, seed collection and propagation activities on Fraser Island. The project focused on restoring habitat around the township of Eurong and promoting 'on-island' propagated native plant species to Fraser Island landholders as a viable replacement for numerous exotic weed species currently used in gardens and landscaping. 2,000 native plant species were propagated from locally-sourced material and distributed to the Fraser Island community. Several volunteer weed replacement and bushland rehabilitation trips were coordinated to the Island to help restore Eurong's natural integrity. A native garden planting guide booklet was developed for Fraser Island landholders to assist in selecting local native plants for use in gardens and landscaping on the Island.
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Cooloola Cove Community Wetland and Waterways Rehabilitation Project

In cooperation with Cooloola Coastcare Association Inc. and Cooloola Cove Residents and Friends Inc. a funding application was submitted to the Australian Government's Caring for our Country. This project engaged the community in restoring and managing wetlands and waterways in the Cooloola Cove area through on-ground actions including weed removal and revegetation. Education and awareness raising activities helped to increase community capacity by developing natural resource management skills. Further the project sought to improve the management of local wetlands and waterways by fostering collaborative partnerships to establish trial sites where success and knowledge could be shared and transferred to future projects.
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Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay Weed Contol

Through Gympie Regional Council, Environmental and Declared weed species control was undertaken throughout Cooloola Cove waterways and reserves on Trevally and Mitchell Streets, Tin Can Bay. Class weeds targeted included Lantana camara (Class 3), Broadleaf Pepper Tree Schinus terebinthifolius (Class 3), Singapore Daisy Sphagneticola trilobata (Class 3) and Groundsel Baccharis halimifolia (Class 2) and environmental weeds Coastal Morning Glory Ipomoea cairica, Umbrella Tree Schefflera actinophylla, Easter Cassia Senna pendular var. glabrata, Shoebutton Ardisia Ardisia elliptica, African Tulip Tree Spathodea campanulata and Ice Cream Bean Tree Inga edulis.
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